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An Exclusive Interview with Andreas Mikkelsen | Works Driver - VW Motorsport II, WRC - 2013

  Caution,  Over Crest !  This article is dedicated only for die hard  W orld  R ally  C hampionship   fans, and especially for the die-hard...


Caution, Over CrestThis article is dedicated only for die hard World Rally Championship fans, and especially for the die-hard fans of the young rising WRC star from Norway.

Here we present our exclusive interview with Andreas Mikkelsen!

For those souls with the question, who? Andreas Mikkelsen, is a young Norwegian who entered rallying at a tender age and made it to the top all by his own efforts and talent. He won the prestigious Intercontinental Rally Challenge titles' twice in a row, 2011 & 2012. [Though, now IRC is merged into the ERC]. He is most popular name amongst the boys & girls of his age, especially from European region, to who whom rallying is THE weekend activity. It will definitely not an understatement if we call him as 'The-Heart-Throb' for his fan followers. Still don't believe me!? Take a quick look at this facebook group, and this blog, all run by Andreas's Angels!

Now lets not waste your time with more stretching, here we head you guys to hear straight from this wonderful and ever-charming rally driver. Here it goes..

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Greetings from RalliHeart | News media, Andreas Mikkelsen!

RH > You being a scandinavian, this very first question may sound a little stupid of us, but still dare ask! How did you got to this wonderful sport & which one was your first event, and how was your transition up-till the IRC?
AM > I started when I was 16 years old. I gave up my skiing career after a injury in my knees. My father introduced me to Rally-Cars and let me try one and immediately I fell in love with the sport. My first rally was Quinton rally which I won.

RH > You being dominating past two years [2011 & 2012] at FIA Intercontinental Rally Challenge [now merged with European Rally Championship], twice-in-a-row-winning. And your good rapport with VW Motorsport only hinted us where you would finally land! VW World Rally Championship Team!! How exactly is the feeling to get into the top level rallying? Nervous or excited or both or something else?

AM > It was a fantastic feeling when I signed for VW WRC. It has been something I have been working really hard for so many years now. I'm excited, nervous and everything at the same time. Its a strange feeling to know Rally Portugal is just some weeks ahead.

RH > And how easy/difficult is the VW Polo R WRC car to handle on the rally stages [compared to the S2000's]? And how much testing have you done on it, Andreas?

AM > I guess I have done around 500 km in the car before Rally Portugal testing, so I have a little bit. It is very different from the S2000 car. Everything comes so much faster in a WRC.

RH > Yes, the VW Polo R WRC has been on the podium (with 2 outright wins) ever since it entered the competition. Could you tell (well, even yell) at us much more about the car and being worksVW Motorsport ] driver?

AM > The Polo had a perfect start to the season. 2 wins out of 3 is almost perfect and I don't think anyone would expect VW to be up there already.

RH > With Ogier already leading the championship at his own pace, Latvala being a man who was never easy to beat-down, Citroen Racing's no.1 driver Mikko being so close to winning the championships [,in the past few years behind Loeb], and your very own compatriot Mads being top competitive driver of semi-works Qatar M-Sport Ford ) team. So, how tough could be the competition ahead for you?

AM > For sure the competition will be very hard. Especially from Ogier as I think he will be the man to beat in the coming years. 

RH > With your debut drive in VW Polo R WRC, next month at Rally Portugal. Do we get to see the same Andreas we knew from IRC or is it going to be a learning curve for you this rally, even entire season? Or is team orders already established?

AM > I will start slow and work my way up the ranks. I have a long-term contract so I can take my time and really enjoy my driving without being stressed.

Many thanks for making out time for this interview Andreas! We (along with your very huge fan base) wishing you the best of luck, a very bright career and many podium finishes! Go Andreas Mikkelsen, go for the win!

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Are you a die-hard Andreas Mikkelsen fan? Then don't forget to click on to this picture to view the superbly maintained blog, by those Andreas's Angels

You can listen to Andreas Mikkelsen's podcast by here.

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